We Were at the 2016 Jwaneng Mining EXPO

The Jwaneng Mining EXPO event as expected attracted a variety of exhibitors from the innovations, new technology and mining software industry among others. The EXPO was held on March 18th 2016 at the Jwaneng Rugby Club.  The EXPO was hosted by South African based Mining and Technical Exhibitions company. Jwaneng was deemed as the ideal place to host the exhibition because of its location as the home to the world famous diamond mine. Botswana Couriers & Logistics was honored to have participated in this resourceful event.

Exhibitors from the Southern Africa attended the exhibition in large numbers, with companies from countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia partaking in the day event. It is worth noting that even though Botswana Couriers & Logistics was exhibiting at a mining and technical expo, our products and services offering are very much suitable to companies in the mining industry.

“The Jwaneng Mining Expo provided us, Botswana Couriers & Logistics a fantastic opportunity to showcase at the MTE expo and view the exciting new technology that will be on display as well as interact with prospective clients,” Mogi Belai commented. Kabelo Magola concurred that the exhibition provided an interactive ground where they met with potential clients and were exposed to different industries that we as Botswana Couriers & Logistics can work with going forward and build profitable relationships.